About Debridement

debridement, or eschar (dead tissue) removal, is the first step in burn treatment in which the burn dead tissue (eschar) is removed from the burn area. debridement is essential for:

  •     Prevention of local infection
  •     Prevention of systemic sepsis
  •     Prevention of additional local damage
  •     Initiation of healing process and scar prevention
  •     Diagnosis of true extent of the trauma

 Early debridement followed by autografting is a cornerstone of modern burn therapy and considered the standard of care (SOC) since it reduces early complications and late sequelae, mainly scarring. There are two main strategies for debridement:

Debridement Chart-01

Surgical debridement (e.g. tangential excision, dermabrasion, etc.) is currently the most frequently used method for eschar removal.
It is:

  •     Effective
  •     Highly traumatic
  •     Requires surgical facilities & anaesthesia
  •     Causes extensive blood loss
  •     Non-specific, removing surrounding viable tissue necessitating closure by autografts